A Grand Scheme

For years I’ve hung my head in shame, every time the inevitable question would arise, “Have you ever climbed The Grand?”Given the number of high-school kids and tourists that I’ve known to summit,… Continue reading

Seasonal Retro-spray Disorder

Time after time, I seem to be swept away with the changing of seasons and find myself riding the flow of action, lost in the moments.  This winter was no different, with an… Continue reading

Monkey see, Monkey do

Inspired by the latest Jane’s Addiction release, along with the usual apres-climbing libations, I was standing in the shower thinking, and nearly had it…all neatly wrapped in one great understanding of unified theory… Continue reading

Jack Roberts: It’s Been an Honor

Life has a funny way of bringing balance…just as I was beginning to question the sustainability of my recent manic behavior, the issue resolved itself. Mid-morning yesterday, I learned that a dear friend… Continue reading


No, not the Ministry classic…though, I guess these events took place around the same time. I’m talking about a story from back in the day, before crows feet and back hair; and, at… Continue reading

gettin’ down and dirty

…hit The Great One (bridger range) with Chris Ebeling the other day and found super-awesome, amazing-sweet turns in the upper couloir; the lower, not so much.  It looks like the wet spring and… Continue reading

Summer Skiing (some are not)

July 9, 2011…We missed the classic 4th of July mark for die-hard, celebratory backcountry skiing, but perhaps with the record snowpack this year, that benchmark should be pushed back; August 4 would likely… Continue reading

Great Weather for Ducks

Not much to report, unless you’re interested in my rantings of pent-up emotion as a result of staring at the same four walls, watching incessant rain course over window panes and the spring climbing opportunities wash… Continue reading

Alpinist TV

Like most of us, I love a good ego stroking — even if I have to do it myself sometimes (yes, by all means, feel free to read into the innuendo, that’s part of the… Continue reading


I, uhh….sorta fell behind the curve once more.  All the same, happy to report that the Cody Ice Fest was a blast again this year.  Don Foote does an amazing job of putting it… Continue reading